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Photos Are Proof We Lived

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

My initial attempt was to write a blog post once a week!  I kind of suck at the blogging thing.  Even though today is Monday, a day late, these thoughts have been following me around all day.  Not that I missed the blog post, or that I could wait another week because I am not really sure who is reading these.  I will not even press too hard on the grammar (I have more than 2000 edits waiting to be sifted through).  I lived and laughed and worked all weekend getting some really awesome shots.  I froze and I got to see some really awesome kids and adults show their horsemanship skills and I met some really great people.

Going about my day, hauling hay, editing pics, chasing children and hauling horses, I kept coming back to these thoughts: 

We are born and we die, but the important stuff is in between.  The kisses, laughs and hugs.  The way we make dinner and eat together.  The smell of the horses as they nicker to me in the morning patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for their feed.  The way the sun rises over the mountain to the East.  The sounds of the metal roof thawing out from the cool overnight temps as the sun hits it full force.  A hug and a kiss at random from someone I love.  The way the air feels as the sun warms it and it hits my face.  

We all know the date we were born, but the day we depart this earth, is unknown.  To live every single day, to relish each and every breath, a sunrise, the smell of a horses neck.... these things are living.  

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  


Take more photos, 
Print photos
Stare relentlessly at photos. 
Display photos.  



They are what we leave behind.  Weather we are behind the lens, or in front, they are PROOF that we lived, loved, laughed and above all smiled!









LOVE your work Candice. You have a fabulous eye wether its aimed at a person, horse, dog or scenery. So looking forward to our shoot next week so that we can help McClure find his heart person.
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